RR68: Return to Hollister

With the KTM 990, this has been a year of returning to adv riding. First Metcalf, then Carnegie and now Hollister.

I met with Ayon (Honda CRF250L Rally) and we rode down to Hollister Hills on Thanksgiving Sunday morning. We paid the $5 to get in and staged near the beginner area on the right. I took off my top box and went around the kids track a couple of times. I had put on a TKC80 tire on the front a few days ago (at home that too) and I could instantly feel that my front wheel behaved differently in the dirt. I was more confident for sure and I liked the feeling of a more grippy / knobby dirt tire.

We spent a couple of hours at Hollister Hills and covered all the green trails:

  • Rancho Road and Wood Camp return
  • Harmony Gate and North Canyon return
  • Lower Field Road and return

It was easy work for Ayon on his Rally, maybe a little more for me on the big KTM. Nonetheless we had good fun, I enjoyed a beer too!


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