RR53: Return to Metcalf

Blast from the past – Labor Day 2011, I visited Metcalf Motorcycle Park (RR10) and rode the OHV park with a bunch of SBR guys. With the new KTM 990 I was able to go back to Metcalf after more that 8 years. And it was a total blast!

The first couple of times the ranger denied me entry because my Akrapovis exhaust pipes did not come with a spark arrestor. After some research online I was able to buy FMF spark arrestors which made the pipes legal for public lands.

First time out in the park was on Sept 8th with Ayon (R1200GS) and the second time round on Sept 22nd was Ayon (R1200GS), Akshay (Tiger 1200) and Anil (KDX220). We had a total blast riding Trails 1 and 2, and also the TT track. While Trail 2 was relatively easy, I had a hard time riding Trail-1 at first. The steep drop from the top of the hill, with a little whoop in the middle made me a little uneasy, but I was able to handle it the next few times we went around.

Thankfully none of us crashed our bikes, and we all came out OK. The KTM 990 does a great job of handling dirt one minute to riding the twisties the next and then blasting the freeway home, all within a couple of hours.

Here is a nice pic along the TT track –

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