New Windscreen

With my India trip in December and the cold weather in Jan, I’ve gotten very few chances to ride. While browsing the many forums on the Interwebs, I came across a retro looking front cowl, that sort of reminds me of the ZRX1200 front fairing. I was able to get my hands on it from a forum member on It was a little tricky to mount up onto the original headlight housing. I used a 40mm stud and finished it off with an acorn nut on the ends. I rode about about 20 miles and did not notice any real difference to the airflow. The screen is a little flimsy and does vibrate a little. But clean air hits my helmet and I don’t notice much.

I like the look and I’m going to keep it on. I have a can of sunbeam yellow #2339 Krylon Fusion paint, and I might give it a try. I’m still deciding whether I like the original black or if it makes sense to color match to the rest of the bike.

Hope to post ride reports soon!

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