2003 Kawasaki ZZR1200 (aka ZX1200C)

I bought a new (to me) motorcycle. After a couple of long (1000 miler) trips on the SV650 I was ready for a change. I sold the SV650 (it went quickly after listing it on BARF and SBR). I was looking for a moderate weight sport tourer with more emphasis on the “sport” part. I test rode a couple of ZZR1200s and I instantly knew that is the bike I wanted.

Initial impressions …

Pros –
Huge power, rocket-like linear pull in 1st and 2nd. Double of the SV650
Heavy and stable on freeway for touring
Comfortable seating position
Good wind protection, huge wind screen
6 gal tank = 200 mile range
Center stand

Cons –
Very heavy (520 dry) – not very flickable
Funky looks, especially the rear
Maybe too much power (160hp, 91lb-ft)
Carbureted, with choke, petcock – old school technology
Huge bike, not easy to fit into the garage

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