2004 Kawasaki ZRX1200R

I have now become quite used to changing motorcycles every year, usually after my annual summer trip. The Kawasaki ZRX1200R has always been high on my bucket list, so this year I got one. First here is the story of how I got it.

I’ve been a member of the ZRXOA forum for several years now, and I occasionally check out the classifieds section for interesting bikes. One day I came across this white ZRX (unusual color for a ZRX, but my favorite color) still listed on the forum. Bike was listed in June 2015, but there weren’t any takers. I even posted to the thread, saying “Wow, amazing bike. I love white bikes and this one is A+. If this were in CA, I would have probably bought it”. Well anyway, life went on, I kept riding the Ninja 1000, but I kept looking at the bike, and secretly drooling over it.

So one fine day, June 17th to be exact, almost a year after the original listing, I emailed the seller a casual “Still for sale?” He got back saying yes, and the ball got rolling. I spoke to him on the phone – he appeared solid. The price was right (ZRXes are great bargains now), so the momentum was building. I posted to the ADVRider forum and a member (inmate) there (Tony, SGrider) could go out and see the bike physically. He reported that everything was good and the seller was trustworthy.

I paid the seller using PayPal, a first for me, and contacted Haul Bikes for shipping. They had a $400 summer shipping special. They picked up the bike on July 19th and delivered it on the morning of 13th August, three days before we were going to Europe.

I was instantly thrilled by the bike. I loved the looks, the sound, the power and the feel. Some glamour shots from a couple of days after getting it:


Initial impressions on the bike were great. I took it for a short 20 mile spin the day I got it. My butt dyno said its faster than my Ninja 1000. The Danmoto can had a nice growl to it. The frame was noticeably softer and more flexible than the Ninja. Turning effort was about the same between the two, but the Ninja was definitely more confident through a turn. The ZRX is much more composed on the freeway though; it is relaxed at 80mph while the Ninja is busy.

A more detailed review later!

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