Ride Report #45: Sierra Pass Ride

The most enjoyable ride of this summer was on July 29th 2018, riding the usual route through the Sierra passes. The route was identical to RR40, RR37 and RR14… seems like an annual tradition now. I posted a thread on BARF and surprisingly a large group of riders joined. In total we had 8 riders and a wide variety of bikes: BMW S1000R (Akshay), BMW R9T (Bobby), Suzuki Hayabusa (me), Yamaha XSR900, Triumph Tiger, another BMW S1000R,  and two Ducati Multistradas, one of them the Pikes Peak edition.

Group photo of all riders, on Hwy 4 near Alpine Lake:

One of the Multistrada riders compiled this video, I think it came out very well. It clearly shows the smoke in the central valley from the various forest fires.

450+ miles, not a bad day!

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