RR64: North Bay Adv

This ride was a combination of 2 previous rides in the North Bay: RR43 and RR46.

We left Fremont early one August morning and met up at the Fairfield Starbucks. There were 5 riders: Ayon (R1200GS), Anil (S1000XR), Akshay (Multistrada), Jon (S1000XR) and me (KTM 990 Adv).

Everything was going fine until Akshay’s bike got a flat front tire along Berryessa Road. Luckily Ayon was carrying a puncture repair kit and tire inflator – so we were able to get back on the route. We had a packed sandwich lunch at Boonville, the brewery was closed (coronavirus) but the picnic benches along the front were available.

There were two notable adv sections of the day. Younce Road: An excellent road for easy adv riding! A little dry & dusty in the summer, but still a lot of fun. Offers 10.7 miles of dirt between Younce Rd. – Adobe Creek Rd – Highland Springs Rd.

And Fish Rock Road: Another excellent dirt road in the North Bay. Offers 14.1 miles of easy dirt, through thickly forested tree cover. A beautiful, peaceful ride with zero traffic.

By the time we got to the coast, we were a bit tired and decided to make our way straight home. The original plan was to ride Skaggs – Stewart Point Road, but that’ll have to wait for another day. Overall it was a fun, easy adv ride!

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