Cam Chain Tensioner Gasket & Oil Change

When I first got the DR, I immediately noticed that I have a small leak on the right hand side of the engine. Nothing major, just a few drops leaking after 60mph+ highway riding.

A quick Google search showed that it was the Cam Chain tensioner gasket. See this Thumper Talk link for an extended discussion and pictures

The leak looked just like the one pictured here (not my DR):

I was mulling over whether this could be a quick DIY … but then I realized that I’d have to remove the header pipes, maybe the oil lines and the clutch cable. So decided to have a mechanic do it (Spec-1 in San Jose, based on all the good reviews). And while the bike was there, I decide to get fresh oil.

Here is what I paid:

Gasket : $4.34 from the dealer (East Bay Motorsports)

CCT gasket replacement labor $80

Oil Change, labor $40

Oil 2.5 quarts of Castrol 10W40 $17.72. Didn’t buy a filter, I had one.

Total $142.06

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