RR63: Summit Road

[The first paragraph of this post is credited to Ian at Big Rock Moto. I loved his description of adv riding so much, I thought I’d post it here]

It is in our soul, in our DNA, to crave adventure, to seek out forgotten lands, mysterious valleys and mountain ridges that go forever. We belong to open spaces, to fresh air, to the wind and the weather. In our modern, safe and predictable lives, we’ve lost touch with a part of ourselves that craves this adventure. The freedom of two wheels, especially on Adventure motorcycles allows us as an escape from our boring everyday life. Load up the camping gear and head for the mountains, for the horizon and for the unknown. To some degree, that’s what we all seek, don’t we?

One afternoon in June, Ayon (Honda CRF250L Rally), Anil (KTM 1090 Adv) and me (KTM 990 Adv) explored Redwood Retreat Rd., Mt. Madonna Road and Summit Rd. in the Santa Cruz mountains. The ride on Summit road was somehow special. The dirt section (about 12 miles) was not too technical, not too long and the views were impressive. There was thick forest cover along Mt. Madonna Rd. creating an amazing feeling of riding through the trees.

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