Ride Report #12

I did a couple of interesting rides this weekend, which were in addition to a 10 mile run, house work, buying Anushka a new bike, and a hundred other odd things. I’m glad this is going to be a slow week at work, followed by such a hectic weekend.

Anyway, on Saturday, we met up with some old friends in Belmont. Vjiay (below) rides a red Ninja 250. We rode down Skyline towards four corners, and then rode 84 and Pescadero to the Pescadero beach. This worked out to be a fun and enjoyable ride, with ample opportunities to push hard in the curves, followed by several mellow miles following a slow car or truck. We rode back to town on Hwy 1 and Hwy 92. I was impressed with the little Ninja: it had no trouble doing 90 mph (indicated) on the slab.

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