The $6 windshield mod

As you probably know, the DR is not a freeway friendly motorcycle. Single cylinder thumping, the handlebar vibrations and a naked fairingless design with no wind protection do not make for long comfortable freeway rides. Some say they enjoy the clean air of a naked bike — to those I say ride the San Mateo Bridge on a summer evening.

Long story short: I researched several windscreens options for the DR and stumbled upon an excellent thread on ADVRider. One enterprising ADV inmate (lstewart) posted his experience using a simple Sterilite garbage bin to create a plastic windshield. After a few questions and a bit of planning, I decided to give it a try myself. When it comes to modding: innovation, adaptation, resourcefulness and frugality all figure high on my list.

The mod was very easy. I picked up a Sterilite 10 gallon trash can at Target ($6), cut it using a template and bent it by hand. I also picked up some industrial strength Velcro (white) from Lowes ($3) and fastened the windscreen to the headlight fairing. The screen comes on and off in a second.

Here is the Velcro I used:

Here are some more pictures:

Completed and installed:

Velcro on the inside and on the fairing:

Close up view:

Side view:

Back view:

Here is a better picture, taken outdoors with a real camera:

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