Ride Report #11 Half Moon Bay & Pescadero

Last weekend, I rode with Shobhit down to Half Moon Bay and Pescadero. The weather was a bit foggy as we set out, but cleared up pretty quickly as we hit the coast. Hwy 1 is arguably the most scenic route in Northern California and it was a pleasure to ride. We took a couple of pit stops and some pictures.

This also happened to be my first ride with the new windscreen 😀 I can definitely say the screen reduces wind blast significantly, especially off the chest. The ride is much more comfortable. The velcro stays in place — 100% firm. At speeds below 65 mph, the screen provides excellent protection; at 65-75mph it vibrates a bit and causes the headlight fairing to vibrate too. Above 75mph it is calm again and stays firm till 90mph (as indicated by the speedometer, not actual).

Some pictures of the ride:

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