Ride Report #3

My friend Suminder (who originally inspired (pressured?) me into getting a motorcycle) rides a BMW R1150GS.

He came over last evening and we decided to go out riding. We started out from home, took Mission and hit 84. A little ways down on 84 there is a small turn off towards Palomares Rd. A narrow, winding road climbing the hills at a gentle pace.

Suminder lead and I followed him closely behind. Suminder’s a pretty mellow guy, but his pace was far from mellow! We were averaging 50-60 on the straights and 30-40 on the turns. He was really riding hard and I was pushed to the limit in controlling the DR. I’ve gotten better at cornering, anticipating the turn, leaning over and accelerating out.

We rode out about 15 miles on Palomares before it hits 580, at which we point we turned back. On our way back we switched bikes for a little bit. The 1150GS was superb, smooth as butter and a pleasure to ride. It felt a bit heavy, coming from the DR, and took me a while to make it turn.

Overall an awesome experience!

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