Teiz Mohave Summer Suit

As I was planning my ride into the high Sierras and Nevada desert, I realized I might need a summer mesh or textile suit. My leathers tend to run hot above 90F and they get heavy, sweaty and cumbersome pretty soon. I visited Cycle gear and checked out one of their mesh jackets. The jacket was terrible… Super thin with stupid poser racing patches. The armor was weak and the fit was poor. I immediately knew that it was not for me.

I posted on SBR asking for recommendations on a suit. I prefer a one piece easy on / easy off Aerostitch style suit. Someone there directed me to a free suit available from an SBR member. I connected with Steve and picked it up in a couple of days. SBR is an awesome community and I am very thankful to be a part of it. Here is yours truly trying on the suit.

I rode my bike for about 100 miles with the suit on last night. The suit flows a LOT of air. It almost feels like wearing a T-shirt while riding. I think it’s going work very well for my ride this weekend.

As I threw the suit into the washer, I removed all the armor and was pleasantly surprised with it’s quality. Teiz makes good quality stuff, I must say!

The only issue is that the suit seems a little short for me. When I’m riding with my feet bent, the suit rides higher than my ankles by 3-4 inches.

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