Ride Report #28

I spent last weekend riding with Shobhit on his CBR. We rode to Livermore, took Mines Road to the Junction and then Del Puerto Canyon road to Patterson. Del Puerto was awesome as usual!

The ride back was super slabbing it on I5, and I580. The winds were heavy, no surprise, and I was pretty much leaning in at 10 degrees while riding at 90mph.

With some dangerous riding …

As we left Niles Cafe we joined a big group ride. Turned out they were called “Friends of Single Motorcycle Riders (SMR)“. It felt great riding through traffic signals and stops signs while everyone waited for us. We followed them into Livermore and then left off to fill gas.

Here is a picture from the Friends Meetup page

Of course, eventually there was some illegal riding 🙂

I rode Shobhit’s CBR for the last 10 miles of Del Puerto. What an amazing motorcycle. It actually scares me a little! I didn’t rev it higher than 6,000 rpm for fear of losing it.

But fun times overall!

Now I need to fix that damn fog on my Sony action cam!

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