Ride Report #37: Sierra Ride

I came back from our vacation in India in late July while Shruti and the kids were still in Hyderabad. I was alone in Fremont for two weeks and so I decided to ride a longish ride into the Sierras. Akshay rode along with me and we met up with Tom from BARF along the way.

The route was actually the same as RR14 … an epic 400+ miler through the alpine high country. Hwy 108 – Sonora Pass, Hwy 89 – Monitor Pass and Hwy 4 – Ebbetts Pass never get old.

We had awesome burgers at Walker Burger – highly recommended. On our way back, Akshay’s FZ1 shifter linkage broke. We could scavenge a bolt from his fender and rig it up with some duct tape. We made it home without any troubles.

Overall a fun ride with great twisties. A long day, but the comfort of the ZZR really helped.

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