Ride Report #25


Last weekend Jay organized a ride into the North Bay towards Occidental, CA. The original route took Hwy 1 and looked like an interesting 200+ miles ride.

I left home at about 8:30AM, gassed up and met up with him and Vaibhav at the Oracle headquarters in Redwood City. We took Hwy 92 to Half Moon Bay and then Rode Hwy 1 all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge.

In theory this would have been a great ride had the weather held up. Unfortunately it started to rain at about the time we reached Skyline on Hwy 92. It kept raining for most of the remaining ride, and the rain was more than just a drizzle. Riding the Golden Gate Bridge was interesting to say the least — high winds, rain, wet roads, poor visibility and slick metal joints on the roadway. Scary! So we took the exit for Hwy 1, rode about 3 miles or so and decided to turn back. At that point my hands were soaking wet and cold. I removed my right glove to put on a warm dry one (I carried an extra), but I simply could not put it on. My hands were numb; I couldn’t feel my fingers and I just couldn’t slide on my glove … Scary +1! So anyway, I rode the next 3-4 miles with bare hands in the continuous rain. Vaibhav and me stopped at Dipsea cafe to warm ourselves with some hot coffee and breakfast.

We took 101 and the Richmond Bridge back and interestingly the rain stopped about 3 miles from our departure. All in all an interesting adventure, but I’m definitely going to check the weather before going riding.

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