RR66: Solo ride to Yosemite

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Yosemite National Park was limiting the number of visitors to a maximum of 600 per day. In early September, I was able to get an entry ticket for day use only. Ayon and Gokul also got tickets, but they could not join that day, so this turned out to be a solo ride.

Generally I don’t ride solo long distances. I’m okay to ride solo around town, to work, and in and around the Bay Area. This was the first time I rode 400+ miles without any company. I liked the flexibility of being able to start and stop whenever I wanted, but I recognize the inherent danger of riding alone, without any company as backup.

I left Fremont comfortably at about 8:30 in the morning, and after the quick gas stop at Buck Meadows, I made it to the park. I rode down to the valley, and then took Wawona road for a stop at Tunnel View. It wasn’t very crowded, but there were definitely over 2 dozen cars there, and thankfully no tour buses. After a few pictures at Tunnel View, I rode up to Glacier Point. It had been a while since I went up there, and it was my first time on a motorcycle. Great road and great ride up there, topped off with some excellent pics. I didn’t stop at the actual point, because it was very crowded, I just rode through the parking lot and turned back.

The ride back home was uneventful, I kept an easy pace and made it home by 5pm.


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