DAKAR & ADV Decals (the DR Poseur)

Well, I’ll come clean. I like stickers as much as my 4 year old. I’ve always been a fan of DAKAR rally and the whole adventure riding thing. So a few ago ago I ordered a reflective DAKAR decal and a couple of  ADV reflective decals too. Here are some pictures:

New DAKAR Decal and ADV Decal on the windshield 🙂

Reflective at night :

Large ADV decal on right side panel:

Also reflective at night :

I also recently ordered a set of racing leathers from eBay. There is a pretty awesome seller from Pakistan who sells custom made leather racing sets. It took about 3 weeks after I sent him all my measurements, but the set fits perfectly. It’s made of pretty thick real leather and has the good quality armor in all the right places. I also like the racing hump 🙂

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